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An Alaskan Mystery

By Wildbill

During the winter of 2007
Alaskans were blessed with snow from heaven
It fell in drifts with the chilly breeze
Covering yards, roofs and trees

It often causes an extra chore
As the snow approaches the top of the door
The roof must be swept of the fluffy stuff
For the rafters have had quit enough

It's one such story these words will tell
Of a friend who fought this frozen hell
The top of his home piled high with snow
Though a winter wind had failed to blow

Why, he asked would the level be deep
On one side of a roof equally steep
Though snow had fallen the same all around
On one side it reached from the peak to the ground

With shovel in hand he took on the chore
Wearing boots a hat gloves and more
He set out to level nature's gift
With ladder in tow to give him a lift

He scaled his castle, and began the task
Then scratched his head, and had to ask
What was that laying upon his spade
Mixed in the snow nature had made?

Was it a cone from a tree of spruce?
Then his shovel found more and knocked them loose
Dark was the color, some long, some short
Brown little nuggets of every sort

What had fallen from up in the sky
Mixed with this snow abnormally high?
Scattered about a landscape of white
Somehow it just didn't seem right.

About this time his neighbors hound
Left a gift upon the ground
And though his gift was somewhat lower,
His neighbor owned a new snow blower.

Wildbill 3-25-07 C/O 4sp until I get his eMail
May not be reused without written permission of author.