By Tigger

Nothing I know of can expand the emotions and comfort the soul as the machines ability to carry you into that place that is beyond explanation! If in fact then this is a mystical place then it follows that there is something far greater than what meets the eye at work here. Perhaps the brotherhood that eludes common explanation is the great empty place that resides in the hearts of the men and women of the machine. Is it a concern of what vintage that dream chaser is to the prospect of getting to that place where we all see a journeys end? I have as many others before me tried to encompass this thing into words that have as yet eluded me. Perhaps this is why I seek those that chase the mystery and never seem to tire of the hunt.

The spirit that we all feel in regards to that machine is what has captivated the newest generation to ride. They ride in search of the same things that I do and I suspect that you do as well. A journeys end is a moment that I know is inevitable and tragic part of its beginning. For it is all that falls in the middle that I remember as that last great time.

And for all the machines great attributes, It's nothing more than a means to you. An opportunity to have shared the experience of her with you. It isn't her that binds us together, It's the distance that she has carried us that are perhaps the greatest bond we have.

Is it therefore a mystery that so many seek that which they feel but cannot possess? Is this not something that we now in (our times) shouldn't offer to those that seek?

Tread gently on the souls of those that have little understanding of that which we All claim to have greater knowledge of. If you are truly the master that you claim to be then your passing of the emotion, feelings,respect,knowledge,history and personal experience of the LIFE can only greatly elevate your status to those that follow.

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