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By Gary

Hot-top, non-stop, black ribbon west.
	Softtail, set sail, black leather vest.

Loud pipes, side swipes, rednecks giving ground.
'do rag, saddle bag, heads swivel 'round.

Speed trap, beat the rap, cop on the take.
	Outta town, hammer down, camp out by the lake.

Sunrise, black flies, take a morning swim.
	Towel dry, drive by, a rider blonde and slim.

She cuts it 'round, I stand my ground, towel 'n nothin' more.
	Sly smile, talk awhile, she seems to know the score.

Jeans in the dirt, off comes her shirt, we head back to the water.
	Lubrication, penetration, it's hot and gettin' hotter.

Climax, make tracks, the big twin barks.
	Mountain pass, nice ass, settin' off sparks.

Road bar, side car, something 'bout her past.
	Cold beer, pierced ear, things are moving fast.

Big dude, attitude, has to be her ex.
	Have a piss, swing and miss, it was only for the sex.

Gravel flying, she weren't lying, the guy's a fucking house.
	Miles behind, motel sign, unbuttoning her blouse.

Guilty pleasure, buried treasure, last night as one.
	Sporty heads east, I climb on my beast, and chase the setting sun.

Gary 5-30-04
May not be reused without written permission of author.