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Buried Deep

By Bob Courtwright

Buried very deep inside
Beats a heart that has turned cold
Chilled by rivers of the pain
From relationships of old

Camouflaged by jokes and laughter The weakness can never show Emotions are all packed away So no one would ever know

Once floating on false hopes Of promises and dreams Thoughts of being together Or so it always seems

Spoiling, caring and sharing Fixing things in need of repair Seeking only the same in return But it just wasn’t there

Then reality comes crashing down With all its thunder and its might She finds happiness in other ways And feels her decision is right

It happens again later on And there evolves a new plan Just resign to always be by yourself Just forget that you’re a man

Find solace on the Harley Enjoy the wind upon your face Spend those hours in the garage And use your energy when you race

Let God put you where you’re needed When their darkness needs the light Spend some time helping others And sleep alone at night

So what does one get you ask Sharing this kindness for a while These brief moments spent together Enjoying only her touch and smile

Asking nothing special in return Certainly a novelty today Like standing strong to your word And meaning what you say

To appear just when needed And disappear in the end Knowing there’s love for another Means being just a friend

Standing her side to guide her About decisions she must make Chasing demons when she’s sleeping A best friend when she’s awake

In return maybe there is a chance To awaken feelings long lost But treading very cautiously Knowing it may come at a cost

Hoping only to be remembered When she thinks about her past That somewhere deep within her heart Lives this friendship made to last

Bob Courtwright 2-25-2010
May not be reused without written permission of author.