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What The Fuck Is A Biker

By 45 Mike

This tramps thoughts:

"Biker" is between the persons legs, brand doesn't make it, owning a stable of bikes doesn't make it. Riding for the sake of the ride, be it a brand new twinky, or a worn out 15th hand yakasuki. I've been giving it thought lately; playing the wish I'd done it this way game.

My conclusions: "I wish I had put a quarter of the money and energy I put into living the lie of "biker lifestyle", into buying bikes, tools, and riding. Straight up; Biker is about `Riding Motorcycles', it does not come in a bottle, a line, pills, pussy, cock, patches, pins, or t-shirts, it is not something that can be bought, contrary to one hell of a lot of advertising, bla bla bla. It is All about riding.

I gave thought to this shit when I continued on my ride to Sturgis

After being hit in August, it had been tao to tell people "I'm a bike tramp", let other people argue about `who, whats' a "biker".

I layed down next to the sled one night in the Dakotas, and thought to myself: "self, what the fucks the difference between someone calling you a "biker", and you calling yourself a "bike tramp" the fact that you gave yourself the label? it's still a label"

I kinda called bullshit on myself that night.

There is one way to become an instant biker, no matter how you thought of yourself while alive: Have the misfortune to be killed riding a motorcycle, of any make. With your death, without regard to how you saw yourself in life, bang your are a "biker".

There are some damn fine people out on the highways, and byways, what they are riding did not make them good people. There are as well some real shitheads. Rriding a motorcycle will not cure a shithead of being a shithead.

I have found: people who are riding for the sake of the ride to have a bit more of an unspoken bond. Twice when riding in Washington State, I blew the engine on the 45 flathead, one of those times was on the Hood Canal floating Bridge. Both times I pushed the bike a good ways, people on new harleys would ride right by, but hey they waved, and thats what the fuck it's all about right? Two times people on jap bikes have stopped, and saved my ass. They were not bikers though, they didn't wave and ride right on by.

Enough babbling. Do it however the fuck you want to do it.

45 Mike René 2/5/08
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