By Tigger

Speaking to you and not about you. Listen to the rambling conflicts that life's opportunities can afford those who, have the animosity to consider that this barrier once crossed separates the past from those stuck in it. Pay attention to only those battles fought on the mirror, for these are reality, and the outcome will shape the distinction between past andwhat lies beyond.

Once left to consider yourself in transition from the past there is nothing but character building experiences left to draw on. For those more fortunate of us this well is full of opportunities to consider in our present (soon to be PAST) conflicts of the soul. These conflicts are not for those who still attempt to avoid them. Find a way around them. Reality is for those poor unfortunates is a fire that tears at the soul unmercifully denying a separation from the past!  For they will have lost the OPPORTUNITY to see themselves clearly in the mirror. They will instead see the path they took to avoid themselves. For those left to wallow in the past have no future. For that matter the present is an uncomfortable reminder of the barriers they attempted to avoid. Shame is far more destructive of the soul,your magic mirror will confirmthis.

It's said and I for one am forced to believe that the strongest steel has to be folded many times without breaking. You've seen me refer to PROSPECTS on many occasions by now. This reference is the definition of those who, in there fear choose to confront others in a vain attempt to go around the aforementioned barriers they themselves (and only themselves) understand. They choose to degrade others in the attempt to use them once there down as stepping stones over the fear that threatens to consume them.

You don't have to look far to find these unfortunates. The mirror has many tales to tell. An attempt to cover this fact is a mistake and holds a forgone conclusion for those who's fear is more than they think they can bear. Hold your fear close,protect it from those who don't understand the benefit acceptance holds in your future. Watch them as they prostitute there soul in hopes of climbing onto your back and learning that which they know exists in you, but as yet they can not define!

An unexamined life has no definition. And therefor little to NO value. Study yourself above all others. For here is the single distinction between those who seek purpose and those who's purpose is to continually seek!!! The highest reward for a mans toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it. In these ramblings of this Striped Ass Cat you'll find a concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity and reason the only absolute!!! 
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