What Is Freedom
By TexSnake

Is this no more than a word we say 
When we need something 
To get through the day… 

Or a life we live…? 
When we do more than take 
Do we know how to give? 

Does this word have a cost? 
When I have something gained 
Does this mean others have lost? 

I have my own rules, my own code 
But when I come to the end 
Have I paid what is owed? 

I never took a single thing 
But what I thought was mine 
But when I'm gone is there one who will sing? 

Have I done all I can? 
Is there more I could give? 
If not, does that mean that I am still a man? 

My closest friends 
When I only saw the beginning I never knew that 
They were nearing their end… 

I once had a brother 
Closer than blood 
Who knew me best, there could be no other… 

When he took his own life I was angry as Hell 
What could I do? 
I wished I could check out as well… 

A bullet took him one season 
Cancer another close friend 
Could this all mean that life has no reason? 

A lover once told me that I was the one 
She died a week later 
A car took her life, as sure as a gun… 

Is this life worth living? 
I have asked myself 
Is what God's taking worth what I'm giving? 

Is freedom a gift 
We're given at birth 
Are the prices we pay as much as they're worth? 

I can only live the way that I know 
But is the price for this 
That others must go? 
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