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Russ's back ink

Russ's Back Ink

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Updated 3-31-00
Russ's sleeves**a*b*c*d*e*
Russ Weydener
Back Piece [free hand]
Artist :Joe Forth
RT 9
South Glens Falls, New York
Phone: 518.743.9678

**Updated 7-2-00**
I'm 51, single , been rideing since I can remember my uncle giveing me a ride on a VESPA when I was around 6 yr's.
I live in northern N.Y. I was in NAM 68-69 and proud of it.
I was born in Amityville, and do alot of AM_JAM meets in the state and surrounding states. Check out WWW.AM-JAM.COM.
I love rideing in the mountains and anywhere else the road will take me .
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*Shot of Russ and his scoot.