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Annie's Ink

Tattoo Artist:  Rick Harnowski at Tattoos by Rick®
Graphic Artist:  Joe Severo
Green Bay, WI
This is a coverup of a coverup of a scar.  I have a fourteen inch scar that runs along the front of my arm from the mid upper arm and curves with the shoulder.  I went to a studio in Milwaukee, showed the guy a picture, and asked him to put some delicate cheetah spots along and around the scar. 

He did a terrible job - thick black lines with orange fill.  It was perfect Halloween colors.  No wonder it only took him an hour to do it. 

I had César from American Tattoo Studio in Waukesha WI try to salvage it by adding more spots and covering the orange with yellow and brown.  This was another three hours in two sessions.  He had done my ankle tat and I trusted him. 

After a while I decided that it still didn't look right so I went to see Rick Harnowski in Green Bay WI.  Rick and I worked with the graphic artist, Joe Severo, to come up with a motif that could be used to incorporate the existing spots.  The initial idea was to have a lepoard draped over my shoulder with her body hanging down my back.  It looked very nice in Joe's acrilic transfer so we went ahead with it. 

After the head and arm were completed, I got pretty tired of seeing so many spots.  We modified our original plan so that the rear of the cat would be hidden behind foliage.  That way we could introduce some colorful birds, flowers, waves, and koi fish. So, what started out as a few spots has turned into a half-sleeve, full back piece and upper breast. The photo on the left was taken after six months of almost weekly sessions, each lasting three to four hours.

The entire project, including planning, took around 120 hours over 29 session.

This shows the detail of the paw and leaves.
And this shows the back piece.

Annie This is the ankle tat that César did for me. It is really from two Cherry Creek flash. First there was the barbed wire anklet with the rose and then I had him add the boquet of roses to the original one.

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