1989 flhs stock 80" evo motor
Crane valve springs
Screamin eagle ignition module and coil
S&S e type carb with yost power tube, k&n air filter
Barnett kevlar clutches
Samson exaust system

I bought the bike last year after not riding for 16 years. Before that I owened a 72 fx and a 79 flh. Had a bad fall in 80 and decided to take a long rest. A long story about the last 16 years. So here I am back in the wind. Feels great and no regrets about the past.

Back to the bike. It's my first evo and its not all that different from shovels because the basic v twin principal is still there. This is only my opinion what do you think? I picked the bike up cheap but I had to put some $ into it to get it the way I would feel comfortable riding. Now all the work is done this year I can ride with peace. I'm pretty good with a wrench because that's what I do for a living.


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