I hear lots of talk about" brotherhood "and the "lifestyle" of "bikers". Well I really dont understand, see you're already thinking I just dont get it I just must not belong to or hang with any "real bikers", well put your thoughts and those snide opinions right back where they come from!! I've lived around bikers, cowboys, oil feild hands, foundry rats, and others.

I'm sure if I thought about it a little more and the lifestyle, yes differs with each and I think the biker lifstyle is the best there is, there just isnt anything in the world like settin off on a well deserved trip on the scoot an spendin a week or so campin an ridin an livin off the back of the scooter,{yes the back but I like it there an bikers wouldnt be as good without their ol'lady's anyway, who would be reverse an hand em the gas hose ,clean the windsheild an pay for it all while they stay with the bike} anyway I do love the lifestyle, now the brotherhood part, I see and hear lots of folks talking about this and I worry that some of these folks dont have a clue an I really hate folks that try to pass this off. even the folks that dont know exactly what it is ,its ok if you have a true biker heart and a little stamina then hang around ,you'll get it.

Brotherhood to me is the core of me, friends I can't or don't want to live without, freinds that I'm always glad to see no matter what time, how much trouble it is ,or they are in, brotherhood is stayin with your bro. when the scoot breaks even when you gotta be somwhere, backin him up or supportin them no matter what they've done, their still your brother, freind, family whatever is closest to your heart and it hurts me and makes me mad to see an hear people talk about it an not even know what it really means.

Brotherhood is somthing all should experience, all should have but so few do and its sad that they may never feel this in their life.


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