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Mailing Address
For Scanning

*and some basic hints for shooting photos*

For those without access to a scanner or other means of converting photographs to images that can be used on this site you can mail me your photos for scanning by sending them to the following address:
PO Box 1641
Brazoria, Texas 77422-1641

All photos will be returned if requested and a stamped envelope is enclosed. Nothing personal is ever given out on this site unless requested. Your privacy is protected. If photos are sent to be scanned that are NOT to be used on this site for whatever reason please state so and I will either send them on a diskette or e-mail them to you. Your decision. Any photos scanned that are not for use on this site will never be seen by any person other than myself.
The better the photograph the better the scan!


1. Try to keep the background uncluttered, we want to see the bike not cars and other assorted objects behind it. Think before you shoot.
2. Get down level with bike.
3. Use a flash for fill even when shooting outdoors.
4. A simple right or left shot is better suited for viewing then viewing from the front or back.

Biker Babes

1. Again keep the background uncluttered if possible.
2. If shooting nude or topless let your model relax long enough without the clothing so the lines in her skin will disappear that are made by clothing.
3. Be aware of where the sun is when shooting outdoors so features aren't in shadow or she isn't forced to squint her eyes.
4. If your camera is known for causing red eye have model turn head enough so flash isn't directly in her eyes.


1. Shoot tattoo as close as your camera will allow. We want to see the ink not your skin.
2. Do not take photo with tattooed greased up with Neosporin or other medicine.
3. Take outdoors with flash if possible.
4. If you constantly get a glaze over the ink when shooting try to cover your flash with some thin tissue paper.
5. Of course #1 gets tossed out the door if it's a fine babe with ink on her butt. [grin]
Good luck,