How can we stand for our causes and beliefs when too much time and energy is spent fighting and bitching amongst each other???? We have enough troubles with the world fucking with us! I'm from the "old school" - where there was still honor among thieves, ya know? and was brought out and into this lifestyle by a great man... last of the 1%ers. He lived and breathed the brotherhood and died with honor and respect. He taught me to respect others opinions whether I agreed with them or not, speak my mind and....let it go. NOT carry on with petty Bullshit! There aint time for that.

He bred into me Codes and Rules to live by and that's what separated "us" the Bikers, from the rest of the world. It's what gave us the right to take our stand and live the way we believed, even tho the rest of the world didn't understand.

The greatest lesson I ever learned was : Together we stand- Divided we fall!! There was a time when you stood not behind, but BESIDE your brother-at all costs! You took a stand and fought till the bitter end TOGETHER. The ones that rode before us faced even more obstacles than we, and now we sit here and bitch and fight with each other , yet do nothing. Why? And to go behind a brother's back......... THAT was the MOST disrespectful thing in the world and now people do it and are still " accepted", even patted on the back ! or worse, it's just overlooked. WHAT IN THE HELL HAS HAPPENED ??????????

I say, let's get back to the basics of what this lifestyle is all about. A place where right is right and wrong is wrong. Live to ride and ride to live. Either you ARE a biker and LIVE the lifestyle or you're not- there never was an in between.


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