Trailers. Damn things are showing up every where and in increasing numbers. The week before Sturgis, the freeway here in St Louis was packed with trailers with scoots on them headed for Sturgis. What the hell do ya buy or build a damn scoot for and then trailer it everywhere ya go? Should we change the event names; Sturgis Trailer Rally and Trailer Week?

Now there are instances where a trailer is required. I talked with a group of graybeards at a gas station. They had an old camper pulling a trailer with 4 drop-dead gorgeous '70's era scoots on it. As my truck was filling we talked. They were headed for Sturgis and this was the first time they had every trailered and not rode. The youngest was about 70. Every one of them had some sort of medical problem. Stoner, the one I was talking to, had a bad back. His saddle time is limited to about one hour now due to his back. A ride from St Louis to Sturgis would take a loooong time then.

But most of the time it isn't required. As I finished talking with Stoner and we were about to leave in pulls a big brand new Dodge pulling a trailer of NessMesses. Three dudes in their 20's hop out and start filling the truck, washing windows, etc. I asked them where they were headed. To Sturgis out of Georgia. Why not ride I asked and got the strangest looks. One asked me if I knew how far it was. I just shook my head and walked away.

These are the people that reinforce the theory that motorcycles are recreational vehicles and not a valid form of transportation. This makes fights for our rights more difficult as we aren't taking seriously.

Get off the fucking trailer and ride the damn thing!


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