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Rudedog's Shovel-01

Rudedog's Shovelhead

On this scoot I got t-boned at 50mph and had to redo what was left of her. I got lucky and was able to find another frame, so while in my wheelchair I got to put "Gracie"back together. i did have help though cuz I couldn't pick up nothing because in the crash I broke my leg, hip and pelvis.

Rudedog's Shovel-02 Put 900 miles on her before I could walk without crutches and this last year between surgeries I got over 8,000 put on her.
In the mill I have:
S&S rods
Manley valves
Rowe guides
Andrews J-grind cam
Nothing fancy i just wanted the good shit in her so I wouldn't be stuck on the side of the road because of cheap parts.
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