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We were all young once, when we first started riding scoots. Many of us started out right away on Harleys & others of us started out on other types of scoots. We all had that dream to ride with our hair blowing in the wind. We were all carefree, way back then.

We wore black leather jackets, boots, blue jeans, t-shirts because we looked cool. Some women rode their own scoots, not many, and some were back seat riders. Didn't matter, we all had that love of riding.

In the sixties guys greased their hair back, and fingers always smelled like Brylcreem. They were clean cut & shaven. Women still had ponytails, and wore old leathers from the guys who gave them their old ones.

We started out on small bikes, and just rode without a care in the world.  No one cared about bike ink or pinstriping or who's bike would be the best at the bar or hangout. Some of us still have those old bikes, some of us which we'd kept them now.

Brotherhood was different then too. Not that there isn't a brotherhood out there of bikers now, but there was more of a closeness for one another. It didn't matter what you rode just that you rode.

Nowadays many things have changed. Oh, leathers are still in. Protection is more of an importance these days than looking cool. More & more male bikers have long hair, beards & mustaches. Women haven't changed much, except we now dress to look good on our scoots & dress for protection also.

There are more than one class of bikers. And many attitudes to go with them. This type of bike owner doesn't like that type of bike owner. Now we are judged by the type of motorcycle we ride. Or by the newness of our leathers or who has the most money put into their motorcycle.

Chromocycles, instead of just plain riding bikes. Paint jobs that cost almost as much as the bike itself. Bikes that are built just for show & not to ride anymore. Trophies, money, why ride it and get it dirty. Trailer whores. Too many bikers now are trailing their bikes instead of riding them. Don't want to put too many miles at one time on the bike. Why have one if you aren't going to ride it?

Then there are those of us who have bit the dust many times over & keep riding. We are missing body parts, but have made our bikes accessible for riding anyways. Yet, there are those who've decided to quit after the first accident.

Many of us have been riding for many years, will continue to ride for many years to come. We feel that we need that freedom in the wind to express ourselves. Some of us use it to relieve stress, others to meet someone of the opposite sex.

As we get older our bodies start to change. Some of us can't ride as long as we used to. We need to stop more often. Walk around take a load off you ass. Stretch your legs. Relax your fingers. Raynaud's Disorder is a form of arthritis that many bikers get from holding on too long with out relaxing their fingers. It's called "White Finger & Knuckle Syndrome". It numbs the tips of your fingers, and if not taken care of can cause permanent damage to your fingers. For guys, if your bike vibrates an awful lot, and your genitals are vibrating with them, you can become prone to prostate problems.

Long rides can cause leg cramping. Can also cause harm to the groin areas. If at all possible either stop the bike and stretch at least once an hour, or shift your legs from forwards to backwards to prevent this cramping in your groin & legs. It's a bitch to have muscle spasms while riding. You may not be able to put your foot down when you have to stop. Not the same as being drunk and forgetting to put your foot down! Also on long rides, you can develop neck spasms which can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in your wrists from riding long periods of time with your arms stretched way out & not relaxing them either.

Let's not forget lower back problems. Many bikers don't really sit straight up when they ride, thus the alignment of their back will tend to cause lower back problems, and even spasms from your lower back down to your feet. If it becomes serious, you may have developed sciatica, which is nerve damage.

Rebel Ruthi
Trauma Nurse Specialist


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