Start at the Begining


Gotta bike, gonna get one, new, used, home built, Ness Mess, whatever baby; Start at the beginning.

It gives me gas when a cat don't know the first thing about maintaining his/her bike while discussing his 10.2:1 compression ratio, 143 CFM intake ports and the .590 lift "M" grind cam they got on order, etc..

It feels like I'm being lied to. The other night a young'n sought me out, asked me about the latest high buck/tech doodah he'd read all about. I stood there listening to his bike rattle. Said he had an appointment at the dealer 3 months from now for a maintenance call....

Learn to walk before you run, build a foundation of basic knowledge, go at it with enthusiasm, ask questions, ask questions, and ask more questions. Hell bubba, I'll sit and drink with you and discuss HD's all night (or until you run out of money) if you're honest. Start at the beginning, learn what makes that john deer run, it ain't rocket science and you will never regret taking the time to learn it.

Trust me, a biker can sniff out a phony from across the room so fast youwon't even know it, but everybody else will. To hell with his respect, get some self respect and start at the beginning.


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