This is in regards to any biker who feels the way some asshole that calls himself a biker had to say a few nites ago. This is not the first time this type of opinion has been said either.

I consider myself to be a true hard core biker,who has been ridin fer 23 yrs now. I happen to be a Canadian and dam proud of it also, but it seems that I have run into a few bikers here on the net who have some sort of gripe against us Canuks to these types I would like remind you that alot of us Crazy Canuks have fought in most wars right along side of the US and many like those of the US have died.

Why some have this opinion is beyond me. As far as I'm concerned bikers have enough problems with the so called LAW and many other certain partys, we don't need to be at one another. Now don't get me wrong this is only a very few bikers or so they said they were bikers who had this attitude. As for the most I have met many good brothers here on the net, some of which I have met in person and some I will be meeting in the near future. United we Stand Divided we Fall that goes for us bikers also. The bikers with this opinion as far as im concered are not true brothers in the biker way of life. But like I said I have only run into a few who thought that way. So anyways to all the bikers on the net Keep her between the Ditches guys! ( that goes for all the bikers any where and every where)


RebelRdr is one I call friend who I have yet to meet in person. We ran into each other on DalNet a long time ago, a common bond being Harleys. I don't give a damn where he's from! He's good people and his scoot will be featured in the near future on *Your Bike* page. You can find him on #!!!!!!!!DESPERADOS_MC on DalNet.


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