You know I hear a lot of guys talkin' bout how RUBS & YUPS ain't real 'BIKERS' cause they work during the week and then put on their ridin' duds on the weekends. Another thing I hear is they ain't 'REAL' bikers cause they don't live the 'lifestyle' or they can't wrench on their own rides.
R & Y's are funny people and yeah, I've sure had a few good laughes over some of the silly shit I've seen em do. But you know what--I've done the same fuckin things. All my bros have done the same things. I've forgot to put my jiffystand down at the gas station, I've tried to crank my bike while it was in gear. How many of us haven't from time to time? Any of you 'REAL' bikers ever forget to turn on your gas?
I'd like for some one to explain to me just what the fuck a "real' biker is. Do I have to have grease under my nails and wear filthy clothes? Do I have to know how to rebuild a tranny beside the road with my buck knife and leatherman? Do I have to dress a certain way, have a beard and long hair and be on welfare?
Evo's? Best fuckin, most dependable motor Harley D has ever made!! You 'real' bikers ride your hardtail Pans and Shovels if you are so caught up with and so insecure about if you are a real biker or not and shut the fuck up!! I'll ride my evo till they come out with something better just like I did with my Pan and my Shovel.
I'll also wave at any one on two wheels that waves at me. This is only common courtesy. I hope I never get to the point to where I think I'm so fuckin cool that I can't acknowledge another rider on road.
All I got left to say is: Harley's best--Fuck the rest!!


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