Pissed at FourSpeed
By Wildchild

Yeah I have one.....just because you think you are a superior being who has $ to have a website, do you really believe that Makes you either a biker or a decent human being? Well, got bad news for you son, it doesn't. You neither portray the image of a Biker or the Humanity of a true Biker. You basically suck ass and hope people going to your website will follow. Another surprise...........they DON'T !!! I have 300 odd members and they will hopefully sign your POS guestbook and leave a mark to be remembered...pity your site isn't worthy of a bookmark !


*editors note**
Ah the venting of those told no...................Wildchild got in a huff when she or he requested that I link their site and I refused because it's pasword protected. I see no reason to expect anyone to have to sign up with MSN in order to view a site linked off of Murphy's Law. For some reason Wildchild thinks I should bend my personal standards to fit his/her needs and when I didn't what you see above and in the Guestbook are the results. It's a shame really, might even be a good site but I'm not going to sign up with freaking MSN to find out or expect anyone else to. In the meantime my server is set to bounce his or her eMail back because he or she thinks by arguing the case I'm going to change my mind. All this over a link, I'm bored as I'm sure you are by now reading this bullshit.

Such is life. Enjoy the ride and get home safe and please if you have children teach them no means no, sure makes for an easier life when they're grown.


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