Who Cares
By D. Scott Whitehead

You know, I get really tired of people knocking others because of the engine that just happens to be in the frame of the scooter that they're riding. So what if it's a Knuck, Pan, Shovel, Tvo, Twin Cam or a Sporty. Who cares ? It still says Harley on the S.O.B. I've had Shovels and Sporties and Evos, and each of them have their ups and their downs. Right now you hear people saying that the Evo is the last of the true Harleys. That's the same thing the Knck people said when Harley went to the Pan. The Pan people said it when Harley went to the Shovel, and that's what the Shovel people said when Harley went to the Evo. I love them all. To me, nothing sounds better than a Knuck or a Pan, I love a shovel cause that's what I've ridden the most of, but I enjoy not working on or having to clean up after my Evo. They're all Harley's. Isn't that what it's all about.

My other gripe is about people who talk about the guys in blue. I'm Road Capt. for the East Texas Chapter of the Wild Pigs M/C. We're all either Law Enforcement or Firefighters. There are those cops out there that give others a bad name. People want to say bad things about the cops. I have a question. Who are you gonna call when somebody steals your scoot, the Avon lady ? Hell no, you call a cop. What about when somebody breaks into your place? The Pizza guy? Cops again. I deal with this kind of shit on a daily basis. My wife is a corrections officer and think about the shit she has to put up with. I'll ride with anybody as long as they're not going out of their way to break the law. Hell I'll bend it every now and then, but my thinking on people that talk shit about the cops is " If you're not screwing up, 99.9% of the time you don't have anything to worry about.

D. Scott Whitehead, FF/EMT-I


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