By Wayne

Fat heads, Block heads, Shovel heads, Panheads, Knuckle heads, Flat heads. Tell you what. I think, women give the best head.

Any way to all those purists, Shovels have had just as many problems through its production run as Evos ever had, I.E. brake recalls, electronic ignitions, shit piston rings, exhaust valve guides, cylinders. We can go on, we worked through those problems over the years and I'm sure we will work out the Evo and TC problems.

As far as all the yuppies go, they just make for more scooters and parts being available, and it seems to me that the heat doesn't fuck with riders as much any more, cause they don't know if they are pullin over a judge or 1%.

I've been ridin for 28 years now, I've owned , ridden ,or been around all the above mentioned motors and guess what? You cant beat a TC 95 inch. super glide, for an all day 85 m.p.h .run. Got about 30,000 on it now and only problems have been shorted battery and transmission shelled (baker design by Jims 6 speed) Guess I'm tryin to say be proud of what you ride and ride the shit out of what you got.


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