Reply to Superglide on Babes
By FourSpeed

Well Superglide, Murphy's Law has always been about what the bikers out there want up. What they send in usually gets published here including as you say the pros. I'm not going to argue the point of what is a *true biker babe* with you anymore than I would argue what is a *true biker*. The really wonderful thing about the Internet is when you find a site you don't like for whatever reaons there are a million more out there and likely you'll find one that suits you. I appreciate the feedback but truthfully I don't have it in my power to determine who is a *true biker babe* and who isn't. Are you going to tell me that *pros* don't ride? Seems a bit snobbish to me and smacks of censorship. Everyone has different taste and I'm sure there is plenty here on Murphy's Law that you can find to enjoy. If you're a *true biker* that is...........

Just for grins dude, Murphy's Law isn't about life and death after all. Enjoy


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