By Sassy

Well, Rufus, I'll have to disagree with you on this one. If you had really owned a Shovel, then I don't think you would have said what you did.

True enough, we all know that the AMF years were not the best for the "company", but the scoots that were produced - STILL travel the highways today. As a matter of fact- my 66 shovel gets down the road and at the same time, is a classic today. When the EVO is 32 years old, we will see how it really holds up. In my opinion-- the Evo motor is no different than most of the jap bikes on the road today. Dependable?? maybe- it is a machine and it's longevity depends on how you treat it- the same as anything else. As for the Evo being a yuppie bike-- well, do you see any yupps riding old iron?

Our history lies in the Knuckle, Pan and Shovel..................the people who made the scoots what they are and paved our ways rode these bikes. I'm damn proud to own a 66 SHOVEL-- damn proud of the history that goes with it and meaning of what it is. Shovels are not only good, dependable, classics, and easy on the eyes............they are in my blood. I'm from the old school and there is nothing prettier to me than old iron. The old 1 %er that's buried and gone would be proud that I'm carrying on his tradition. It's about family, love, respect and honor........ I love my SHOVEL... fuck those that don't understand.


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