Fuck What Anyone Else Thinks
By Pan

I rode a '59 Pan for about 18 years cause when I got it that's what the company was making. It was a good bike, I did a little maintenance on it from time to time and did a couple rebuilds. Seems like I rode it about 200,000 miles. Then I got a new 80/80 full dress AMF cause my knees were about blown out from kickin that Pan. I still have that Shovel but I sold the Pan around the mid 80's cause the Shovel was a better more dependable ride.

I liked the Evo's when they came out but it was a few years before I could get one. Ended up with an 87 Softail that I really didn't like but it was a vast improvement over the 80. I finally ended up with a 91 Dresser, put 137,000 on it without goin in the motor.

Guess the point I'm tryin to make is: Don't make a shit to me if it's a Knuck, Pan, Shovel or Evo--If you are happy with it and it runs good then fuck what anyone else thinks.

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