Screw Evos
By Boiler Belly

I really don't give a fat rats ass what the hell anybody rides but, Shovelheads are the be-all and end-all of the motorcycling community and anybody with at least one nut in their sack knows it. AMF unreliable, hah, go piss up a rope! My ''77 is supposedly one of the worst years for Shovels yet my cases don't ooze oil, my electrics are ok, no cracks in my frame. I bought her from the original owner in '87 and went through the motor just for shits and giggles. Here I am 12 years and 61,000 miles later and the top end is still tight as a bullfrogs ass under cold water! What's that ya say? 12 years and only 61,000 miles? Hell son, I got three other Shovels I gotta ride too ya know! Ya wanna know what the secret to longevity in a scooter motor is? - DON'T BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT!!!!!

No sir, the Evo is the curse of the bikin' class! It brought in a whole bunch of people that most of us would have just as soon done without. The motor itself may be a technological masterpiece but I don't like the element it attracts. Yuppies, businessmen and the like. People that have no business goin' where I go, doin' what I do and hangin' where I hang! I got into this shit ta get away from them ass holes and here I am surrounded by 'em again. I tell ya it just ain't right! And it's all because the factory came out with that Evo motor and convinced the world that it does matter what you ride. Hell, I knew it all along but I wasn't about ta tell every dang fool that would listen!

As far as Evos bein' better motors, hah! So what if they made more of them then any other engine, they suck and so do the people that ride them. All the Evo is, is Harley's commitment to the almighty dollar. At last, after all the sensitivity training and brain washing, the factory finally got the public to believe that gentlemen ride motorcycles. Well, screw you, screw Evo and screw the factory!

Boiler Belly


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