Shovelheads and Bowling Balls
By Bambam

I have herd it said before thet all the evo riders would be on Gold wings if not for AMF they were and will continue to be the "saving grace of the motorcompany" yes it would be just another Indian or excelcior trying to make a comeback .

You see a fiew minor wiring troubles has seemed to have earned them a pretty bad rap . I mean no disrespect to my Evo riding brothers and sisters however lets get the cards on the table and the facts about dependability and Quality control ... .

First AS far as the dependability of the "evo" is concerned How many times have you herd a shovel head owner tell you he has sheared the final drive off his tranny I know of people who this has happend to repeatedly it seems the Transmisson output sprocket strips Usually on the heavyer bikes first but sooner or later they will all strip.

Have you ever herd a shovelhead owner telll you of a spun thorington bearing in the case (requiring nwe cases as a repair ) ?? I think not .

And That nasty little habit the evos have of seizing the lifter rollers making that awfull squeeking and clacking sound ? Kinda like fingernails on the chalk board eh ?

When I loose my points on the side of the road (once every two years) I change em on the side of the road if an evo looses its igniton seems you walk .And how bout that fancy belt drive is it a side of the road repair ?? Nope hardly like threading a new length of farm chain through the sprocket (I think usualy its a farly labour intensive costly process as well)

Now as far as Shovel heads premature wear is concerned ..This could be due to the lower transmisson gears in the fourspeed transmissons causing them to run at a higher RPM It could also be caused partially buy the lubricants used in the "good old days" was not up to the standards of todays lubricants.



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