Bowling Balls
By FourSpeed

Had a nice long rebuttal written but then I realized that the only thing really needing said is that I've lived with the Bowling Ball remarks for 20 years, no biggie. My AMF Shovelhead still gets my ass down the road. I think what really ruffles the feathers for folks that own Evos and *ride* them is the fact that their motors of choice will always be looked at as the motor that ushered in the era of trailer whores. Up until then folks rode their scoots everywhere and the only time you'd see a scoot being trailered or in the back of pickups was when they were broken down and that wasn't very often. Does this mean I'll never own a *new* HD? I'm sure someday a new HD will grace my shop but that old BB will have a place there forever because it'll never be for sale. Yeah I ride a Bowling Ball and I still find myself snickering whenever I see an Evo on a trailer. That's something you'll just have to live with Rufus, it's just the way things are and there's nothing you or I can do to change that bit of history.
*In the long run does it really matter what the hell other people happen to think of anyones ride? Ride what you like and the public be damned. Of course a lot of the ribbing that goes on with Shovelheads Rule, Panheads Rule, Knuckleheads Rule and so forth is just good natured and meant as such. In other words if anyone is so thin skinned to get upset over trival humor then maybe they belong on a bus with the citizens.


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