By 45 Mike Rene

First off, the shovels produced 1966 to 1968 were not AMF, second, if American Machine and Foundry hadn't bailed Harley Davidsons ass out in 1969 there would not be a company let alone an evo, third, as Jivebunny mentioned the XR750, that fine machine started production in 1970, and is still burning up the tracks, fourth, 1970- production was 17,000 bikes, an increase? no, 1930's production was the same 17,000, while 1997 prodution was 131,000 bikes, also no mention was made that the 45 flathead engine was produced from 1931 - 1973, must have been made that long cause it was a poor performer huh rufus?

Jivebunny also mentioned the WLA, this was a 45 flathead powered machine of which 80,000 were made for the U.S. army, helping the good guys win WWII

I currently am riding a 1980 80" FLH Classic, I can tear down that engine to flywhells and shafts, (sprocket, pinion, crank, wheels) lets see ya do that with a blockhead made after 1986, take the pinion, and sprocket shafts out of the flywheels there cast into

45 Mike Rene


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