Shovelheads And Those Who Ride Em
By Rufus

Shovelheads were a decent bike in their time, taking into account that they were directly associated with the lowest point in Harley history, the AMF years. What I find amusing is the reaction shovel herders have toward the Evo, which until the TC88 was the finest motor produced by the motor company.

In the early 70's the Shovel was looked down upon by the Pan riders and with good reason. The bowling ball company continued to try for more production at the expense of quality resulting in an undependable machine. So the Pan achieved a sort of mythical status as the last real Harley. Nobody wanted to buy a new bike, then have to basically rebuild it, so we just bought pans and laughed at the Shovels. As the motor company pulled its head out of its ass and improved its product the status remained the same, of course we were putting Shovel heads on Pan motors, but that was ok , they were still Pans.

Then comes the Evo, now the Shovels and Pans have something in common, laughing at the new motor. It doesn't matter that it has basically the same lower end as the real motors, it is the new motor and real bikers ain't buying it. As time wears on and the Evo proves itself as the most dependable motor the mo-co ever made the Pan's are fading out of the mainstream picture, leaving the shovel herders in the moment they are waiting for, Pan status. Well guys it ain't happening, you can sprout your Shovels rule and the rest of your tired nonsense but personally I ain't buying it. It is still the bowling ball motor and will never be a Pan or Knuckle.

Frustrated Shovel herders take a great deal of sastifaction in trying to slam Evos as yuppie rides. Well I had my Shovel for 9 years and put 126,000 miles on her, rebuilt the motor three times and did a total of 5 top ends, I have had my Evo for 8 years and did a top end at 60,000, proving at least to me that the Evo is a far superior ride. Take a stock Evo, get the EPA out of it and it will blow away all but the most radical Shovels. Guess it all depends if you have a bike to ride, or take pictures of.

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