Tears Worth Shedding
By Rebel Ruthi

Who cared to look for all of the hit & runners of bikers? Who cared that one more life was taken from us all out on that highway long ago or a short time ago? Who spent dollars making sure that the law was out there finding her/his killer so that the rest of us could live in peace, knowing that the perpetrator of this crime was dealt with?

Who cares enough to send out searchers for our lost or missing children?

Who cares enough to send out our armed forces to search for our POWS/MIAS who have been gone for longer than JFK, jr. has been alive?

Well, I know it wasn't Clinton who cared enough about sending out help for the rest of us who are not Kennedy's nor are related to one.

I'm sorry that the Kennedy's have had bad luck for such a long time. But there are others of us, who have suffered just as much if not more. Who gives a fuck about us?

I passed my state boards the first time! Yet I can't get health insurance. If Clinton spent half as much time & money keeping the Healthcare promise he made two years ago so that everyone could get insured there would be less of us worrying about our health & our lives. If some of that searching effort were put into incurable diseases to help ALL of us live longer, we wouldn't have to just focus on 3 people who lost their lives in a plane crash.

Do you think that if I had flunked my state boards that this government would have given a shit? I seriously doubt it. Unless I took care of one of their own & injured them. But no one cares.

Who cares that some of our fathers', brothers', sisters', or friends were killed in 'Nam, 'Korea, or other wars? If they had a famous name, yeah, the world would know they were gone. But what about the little guy from the little town who served his time or the little girl who never made it home from school?

What about that biker so long ago who was a father, a husband, a best friend out riding with his lady, who may have been his wife, a mother, a best friend? Where is their justice?

Dedicated to Tattoo Tom; Goat; and my best friend who was my daughter's god-mother, Debbie Rose.

Rebel Ruthi