By Rory

Hey there, I know all about the spirit for biking. I bought my first bike for 2 hundred dollars, a chopped out Triumph in a hardtail frame. Put it all together but it never ran, sharp looking though. Then I bought a 45 cubic inch flatty, put it together,....stock, but it never ran, but I sold it to buy a Sportster basket, put it together, and it ran.

A chopped hardtail frame, 14 over, and a sword for a sissy bar. Man I was 19 years old and styling. Since then I bought and sold a 1935 80 cubic inch flatty, one Evo (yuk,....just a good investment buy and sell deal) and built my Shovel into four frames including two hardtails.

Now i just ride the FL I built out of the shovel. Anyway, building them is my passion, and I don't cover my bikes with the K-mart credit card goodies, I'm a machinist/welder/fabricator I have made a lot of parts for my scooter, and ya wouldn't even know, unless your an extreme wrench like me.

Well ride on and reply if ya want to.


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