The Shovel and AMF
By Rory

Well, people cut the shit out of AMF, but one thing ya have to remember, they saved the company. AMF didn't really change things on hogs until 1979. The sportster had several changes thou. But ya have to admit, those generators of the pans and earlier were quit the pain in the ass, along with the pan "heads", along with the exaust manifolds. When I hear AMF , yeah I think of undeburred primarys (busted my finger wide open on the sharp edge,.....pissed me off) and shitty quality, but atleast they kept the retrofit parts for frames, controls, transmissions ect.

Cause I am sure glad I don't have to go to the dealer and say........I NEED A HEADLIGHT FOR MY 1999 FWGTHDWRTEDASHD, special edition with fuel ingection super edition with heal shift, serial # five hundredzillion (cause thats how many they make each year with the same paint). I just tell them 70's shovelhead, and they get it right almost every time.

I guess what I'm tring to say is, the good old days for mixmatching parts is over for the new models. It is getting like the jap bikes, one year only parts. Well, anybody that has built a bike knows. It really don't bother me to see someone on any bike, cause when I see them on evos or any other make, I think to more classic for me!



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