Americans, and anyone that ever prayed (whether a confessed Christian, or someone who goes to God in desperation, or a child praying for a puppy) need to stand up for our rights that a few, unelected, Supreme Court Judges have taken away. Look at the result of them taking prayer out of public schools has had on our morality, and civilization. Big business no longer cares if they keep employees happy; and thereby loyal and productive - earning a good wage by which he helps maintain a healthy economy, instead some "fat-cat" making a huge 6 figure salary cuts jobs, our jobs, from the hard working, lower, and middle class American, sending jobs to others (often to other countries) so they can cut pay and benefits. No wonder we are in a recession! Stand up, America! Stand up for what's right, and not just for what's profitable!

God can do what we can't. Pray for Him to have mercy on our great nation, and to give us rightious officials who will do the right thing, and look out for us, and not just their own pocket-books.


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