By Pan

The following was written to AMA.

I have never been an advocate for the AMA but I am smart enough to know they do have influence over a lot of shit that controls a lot of stuff that effects us as Bikers. I also know they have been instrumental in having some bans lifted that restricted bikes from public parks and public roads that we as tax payers pay for. I also know they nipped a motorcycle ban on North Shore in Chicago in the bud before it turned into a major fiasco.

A few months ago I was so overwhelmed by that North Shore incident that I was moved enough to send them 25 hard earned bucks and join the AMA (God forbid-and don't tell my Brothers). Immediately they sent me a patch, pin and a magazine called 'American Motorcyclist'. AMERICAN MOTORCYCLIST--Can you fuckin believe a fuckin piece of shit full of fuckin Jap bikes calling themselves 'American Motorcyclist'?

Then the third issue I received from them (May 1999) was the last fuckin straw. Below is a quote from page 75 under the Road Report section:

AMERICA'S MOST WANTED? Funny, they didn't seem like the Wild Ones. But when 13 motorcyclists on nine Hondas--mostly Gold Wings--left a Cave Creek, Arizona, resturant in February, they caused quite a stir. According to the Sonoran News Weekly the riders were chased down by no less than six deputy sheriffs. Their crime, apparently, was not leaving a sufficient tip. Head Deputy, H.E.Carson forced the riders to return to Harold's Cave Creek Corral, where the owner claimed that an $8 balance was owed on a $50-plus bill. Seems the mix up was over whether a qratuity was mandatory or voluntary. After the incident, Deputy Carson, was reportedly on "administrative leave."

NOW--I may read something into this that you may not. I really don't give a rat's ass if those cheap bastards left a tip or not. What I take exception to is the reference to the kind of bikes-- "Hondas--mostly Gold Wings"-- Does this mean if it were Harley riders then something like this would be expected or the norm?

HEY--FUCK YOU AMA--Fuck your patch-Fuck your pin and fuck your 'American Motorcyclist' piece of shit magazine. Enclosed you will find my hardly used AMA card.

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