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From the November 2004 issue of Biker

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation has released "EPA For the Layman" which summarizes the impact that the new EPA rules on emissions will have on us.

Briefly in 2006, most models will have fuel injection and catalytic converters. Motorcycles older than 2006 will not have to be retrofitted, however, the anti-tampering provisions of the Clean Air Act will still apply.

You can build one "kit bike" in your lifetime, and it will not be subject to testing. However you must not sell it for five years. You must start with a new engine and frame. You can have someone else assemble the bike for you, however, shops cannot build them for sale. If you wreck your kit bike under the current rule, there is no provision for replacing it.

For shops that want to build bikes, they are allowed to build 24 or fewer motorcycles a year that don't comply, but the 25th andsubsequent bikes will have to comply with all standards. These bikes, however will be subject to severe restrictions on how they can be used. Use on public roads is limited to display purposes, such as traveling to and from morotcycle shows. These rules are going to have a tremendous impact on motorcycle shops around the country.

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Biker Magazine 11-04

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