Mountain Man has his say

Been a while since I added my 2 cents on your page. Lots has happened since then too. I tried the M/C route and found it not to be me. I prospected for a national club and found out that I will just stay a civilian. Don't get me wrong but its not the way I wanted to go, but you never know till you try it. I suppose that, I want to do, what I want to do, when I want to do it...Don't get me wrong cause these brothers are all fine feller's. I only liked 3 days till I patched out, but turned in my prospect patch. We still ride together too, and are still friends. Not brothers in the since of M/C but still friends. The point I want to make is this...

When you get into one of these M/C friends come out of the woodwork. Everyone wants to shake your hand, pat you on the back, or be your buddy, and then talk behind your back. Its hard to tell (unless your experienced at the bullshit) who are your friends and who are not. Some drop you like a bad habit and the real friends you have will stick with you. I am talking about the civilians friends not the M/C brothers. These guys are tight! Threw thick and thin. I know, they are having some of M/C troubles that go with the image and reputation that follow M/C's, and they do stick together. The true friends said, "hey if thats what you want to do then do it I will still be your friend or (brother)". Then when I turned in my prospect patch the ones that pat you on the back don't even remember your name. Most of these guys are just the wanna be types and just like to be associated with the M/C's. So I did find out who my brothers were afterall. I was'nt suprised either. I did have a couple of true civilian brothers afterall. So life goes on!!!!! I decided this...Hell alls I want out of the rest of my life is to be a simple happy feller that rides my scooter (evo) along the back roads.

One last thing, I did make it in one of the Magazines. Don't remember which one but I was the chicken taster at the Dead Bird Cook'n at Frizzels Tavern and made it in one of the magazines that is put out by a Texas Motorcycle organization of some kind. And my Margarita Machine was a hit. I raised money for these guys to change some of the bullshit politics. I am getting old timers desease cause I can't remember the fellers name, and he is famous in Austin. The Guy who was the one to get the helmet laws changed along with all the other bikers that supported him. If you know who I am talk'n about put it in here. They need the plug.
**Sputnik with the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association**

That's all folks.
Mountain Man