Long time since last update so it was nice to receive it. The decision to eliminate the the Ladies section is a big disappointment and pretty much heading the site in the long line of sheep that think they are 'bikers' by being able to say "Fuck" or some variation of same and yet bow to the 'socially correct norm'. Sorry it has caused you problems---really---as you have provided and interesting site for a long time----but now it looks like the whip has fallen and broken the spirit of freedom biking is all about here (un compromised freedom)---IMHO.

Thank you for all past efforts and sincerely hope you can still find pleasure in all the effort a site, this site, takes to make happen while wearing chains. For me---got to find a place with more manifest freedom.

Thanks again for all your past efforts-----happy trails,



That's all well and good and I'm sure you mean well, but tell it to the lawyers. It's my ass in the sling when people send me images they have no right to and the person in the image raises bloody hell rightfully so. My site has always been a freebie so court costs come out of my pocket. Sorry your disappointed but my butt behind bars isn't my idea of freedom. Be it biker or in any other form.

Plenty of porn on the web, my site was never supposed to be about "just" naked women, it encompassed a lot more and still does. If that's all you came for then I can certainly understand the disappointment. Like I said plenty of porn out there, finding naked women won't be a problem I'm sure for you.

Thanks for the opinion. I'm glad you enjoyed Murphy's Law for the period you did.

4sp, not even close to wearing chains and still riding daily.

Kel responds.

Thanks for taking the time to share your views. Your Ladies sections was not a porn site nor is the fact that there is no titty a big deal in and of itself. That was not my point and I am sorry you took it that way----because it is missing the main point----which is---pressures making YOUR site less than YOU originally envisioned. That is the part that sucks. Please know that I am not attacking you---again, it is your site and you receive the joy from making it happen or as it sounds like the pain that comes when some body finds pleasure in using the 'court club' on whoever they can whip with the fuckin thing. Honestly, the ladies section was not populated with particularly lovely ladies---but rather ones that were lovely to someone or gals that just felt like sharing a photo or two or--or--or---and that's just the way it is in 'real' life--like lets say at biker meets, or bars or whatever---some more beautiful than others but hopefully all feeling welcome and having a good time being there.

As for my choice to visit the site---of little consequence since I am only one person geographically a long distance from you---BUT--I can't help feel we share a lot of the same feelings relative to riding and what the motorcycle (lets say 'biker') world is about and it's attraction. Freedom! If there is a particular road I like to ride and it becomes infested with police so that I have to spend more time watching my speedometer than the surrounding beauty----or can't make what the law says is an illegal pass to get from behind a slow moving 'mobil garage' in the form of a SUV or motorhome or such other obstruction----they I have no choice but to always drag ass---or pick another road that is not so congested (authorities) with those that want to control my every movement. That's it plain and simple. So, again, it's your site---you make the rules---set the 'speed limit'---lay out the passing lanes in whatever form that takes and I can choose to ride it or not. Point is, we all have to adapt at times----we all have to ride the speed limit or some other riding rules ---but that doesn't cause a feeling of loss of the SENSE of freedom. The way your notice was put compromised that SENSE of freedom to me---and I had enjoyed your site--often times not checking if you had even posted new pics in the ladies section---so that is why I took the time to write you a comment. I am sincere in hoping you will be able to continue to find the joy in all the work you do in providing the site and hope you will be able to still experience that oh so valuable thing called 'sense of freedom'.

Thanks again, happy trails, kel