By Jollipops

I enjoyed your informative article and quite frankly if bikers don't want to wear helmets then it's OK with me. I've never riden a bike nor will I probably ever do so, although it certainly looks great fun, and therefore I guess I'm in the category which you referred to....car drivers!

One thing I'm not clear on. I still cannot really understand how someone inside a car, wearing their seat belt could have worse head injuries than someone on a motorbike? I agree with you that car drivers would be safer wearing helmets too, especially children, but as the majority of drivers in Miami do not even wear seat belts or put their babies in proper car seats then I can never see that rule being enforced even if it were ever passed!


*It was never my intention to support laws mandating helmets for cage drivers. The point I was trying to make is if cagers were to start thinking about how it would affect their freedom of choice maybe they would rethink their position on helmets for motorcycle riders. I believe all adults should have the right to make their own choices be it seatbelts or helmets.


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