By Joe

Well after reading some of the slams about AMF and Shovelheads, I feel obligated to offer my insight. Here in the sunshine state I'm fortunate enough to see alot of motorcycles and attend alot of runs, I take either my rigid '78 shovel or my '55 pan both of which I built from the ground up. The new breed of evo riders rarely even notice my rides as they are not weighed down by a bunch of bolted on bubble packed billet bullshit with 'Arlens' logo all over 'em. In fact I have no HD logos on my stuff. At a recent run they gave a prize to the bike with the most 'Harley Davidsons' on it. (113) sounds kinda insecure don't it.

I guess what I'm getting at is this, at this point in time with credit cards, financing and hole in the wall lending instutions anyone with a job can buy a new ride, you can tell the dealer what 'custom' paint and other options you want and they'll 'special order' your 'custom' bike......real fucken cool..

Next time your at your local dealer getting your oil changed or your primary adjusted ask him to remove your front wont want to do this yourself as it may void your warranty... notice the word stamped into the back of your fender mounts.....thats right JAPAN.....geeze buy some genuine eagle iron accessories......made in Taiwan.....but your ridin American.....then go to a run, lets pick Sturgis, park your ride anywhere......thats right, right in the same row as its clone, and another and another with the same custom paint and your dealer installed custom accessories.

So take off your genuine HD chaps and jacket....fuck its close to a 100 degrees anyways....spit out the genuine HD coffee or beer your sippin be careful not to get any on your HD jeans or your HD boots and get back in your Lexus or Toyata and go away....

I ride old iron because it has class, it says something about you when you take an old piece and build it to your specs, I ride for me and me alone when I see all you new breeders on your new bikes with that look on your face like you actually have a part in your bike it makes me wanna puke you're just another custom accessory on one of Willie G's rides.....maybe you all outta get together and start your own company and lease your rides cause soon enough another fad will come along and your mass produced bikes wont be worth least your tattoo's will wash off.

I admit there's some real nice custom evo's out there built by guys who know whats up but its a very small get your cell phones outta the tool bag and call someone who gives a shit about what you think.....A.M.F........(Adious Muther Fucker)



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