Boycott of Dunkin Donuts
By Darcie Myers

One of the Dunkin Donut shops in Albany, NY has been a biker hangout on the weekends for the past 20 years. The neighborhood has been turned into a mecca for the yuppies and upwardly mobile segment of the population in recent years. This has caused a problem for the bikers who frequent that shop. The Merchants Association has put pressure on the Mayor;s Office and the Police Department to get rid of us. We had a meeting with the Association, the Mayor's Office and the Police Department. The result of that meeting was that we are not welcome any longer and if we go there we will be asked to leave. We have been put in the same class as the crack heads and the street people, they called all of us "undesirables." If we refuse to leave, then it becomes trespassing and we will be arrested. The police department has posted a police officer at Dunkin Donuts to turn us away. Imagine that, a cop at the donut shop!

I have been touch with Dunkin Donuts National Headquarters, they tell me that there is not much that they can do except ask the owner to meet with us and try to work out a compromise. The offer to discuss a compromise was rejected by the Merchants Association, which the owner of the shop is a member of, and the police department.

BOLT of NY is asking for a national boycott of Dunkin Donuts. If one shop does not want us, and the national headquarters honors this sort of discrimination, then we here in NY feel that it is time to boycott all of the shops across the country. If even one biker is discriminated upon we all must act in whatever manner is appropriate.

Please spread the word of this boycott. We must show the company that we will not tolerate this sort of discrimination.

Be Free Be Safe Be Active
Darcie Myers



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