By Doc

Waving? Some who ride motorcycles seem obsessed with it.

Mmmm, waving! What the hell; Iíll admit it. I donít wave to every dodge Dakota that I see. Especially if it ainít green. I mean, I feel pretty insignificant anyway Ďcause I donít have a gun rack ya know? I got a roll of cyclone fence in the bed but that only draws attention to the fact that I donít have a light bar. And thatís a real sore spot with me. Of course, I tried to make up for that by putting that decal of the little dude pissiní on a Ford truck. But who am I to judge ya know? After all, I got a Dodge Dakota. It ainít watcha call a ďreal truckĒ anyway.

I got me a red baseball cap the other day that says ďRed ManĒ. Stands out good against my green truck too. But I only wear it when I drive the truck; I donít want anyone offering me a chew. I mean, itís tough beiní a wannabe redneck ya know?!! Christ!!! I had to have some decent road tires Ďcause I drive a long distance to work so I canít raise the suspension ya know? But I did get cool rims and other guys with cool rims wave at me pretty regularly. Thatís a plus.

Sometimes I take a drive out into the country Ďcause I know farmers wave at everybody. One day I stopped at this grain elevator and walked around my truck 'cause I thought there was something wrong. Well, this farmer asked if there was anything wrong and I told him I didnít know but I stopped because this guy on a tractor a ways back gave me this funny look and didnít wave. And wouldnít ya know; this farmer reminds me that I didnít have a reese hitch. Man, ya canít forget one of those when ya get a truck!!!! Thatís for sure!!! Iím saviní now for one of those chrome propeller inserts.

But ya know what? Iím thinkiní about gettingí rid of the truck and buyin me a Cadillac. Ya donít have to do anything to a Cadillac to get people to wave.



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