A response to Savage
By Critter

In response to Savage's comments on 9/99, well, the man is right, but I'm not sure he knows how right he is. Well, yeah, I'm sure he does... what I mean is, I'm not sure he knows the scope of our dealing with the UN, and the extent to which that Marxist new world order enterprise wishes to control us here in America.

With the cooperation of Marxists in our federal government, and with various Marxist environmental groups, the UN is gradually gaining control of millions of acres of unconstitutionally owned federal lands, under the UN biosphere scheme . Also, with the aid of Marxist politicians, and Marxist anti gun groups, they are attempting to disarm the American public through small arms treaties. Last July 14th, concerned Americans were able to curtail the UN's latest assault on our 2nd amendment rights, by turning out in force at a rally in NYC, during the UN's small arms conference.

Personally, I have been fighting the 2nd amendment fight, rather than the many MC related fights, simply because if the 2nd amendment falls, the rest follow. It is the bulwark of the rest of the bill of rights, and other rights not specifically enumerated in the bill of rights. Without the 2nd, we are doomed to slavery, and slaves don't get to ride.

After fighting the fight for as long as I have, and after seeing us lose ground every year, despite having all of the facts, all of the figures, and the actual wording of the 2nd amendment in our favor, I have come to believe that eventually, the 2nd amendment will become null and void, and with it, all of our other freedoms. It may be 5 years away, ten, twenty, I don't know. But it is coming. I used to think that something would wake America up to what is going on... that something would make the average American once again value his liberty. I thought Sept. 11th was that event... but it turns out that the all the flag waving was just like all of the confetti throwing on New Years eve... once the hangover was gone, they forgot what it was all about.

If Sept. 11th could not have a lasting impression on Americans, then what the fuck can? Watching one's neighbors disappear, one at a time, under cover of darkness? Seeing friends gunned down in the streets for refusing to go for the ride peacefully? What will it take?

Most Americans still cling to the magic thought that none of that shit could happen here. They make me laugh! Like we have some kind of immunity to tyrants? Like human nature took a vacation when it landed in the new world? Give anyone the kind of power that our government will have when we are powerless to defend ourselves, and they will abuse it. They abuse it now when there are 80 million of us armed.

It's time for resistance folks. It's time to show them that we will simply disobey their dumb laws whenever possible. If they pass a helmet law, it doesn't mean shit if no one obeys it. If you have 2 million riders in your state, and all 2 million disobey, and all 2 million get ticketed, and all two million plead not guilty, the state judicial system grinds to a halt. That's the kind of resistance we need. massive disobedience.

But it aint gonna happen. Ya know why? Cuz Americans have become too chicken shit to fight for anything, cept maybe a bitch or a beer.

I went through a seat belt check about 6 months ago. The road was blocked by 4 CT state troopers. It was right down the road from my house, and I was on my way to pick up a pizza, unbuckled. I asked the trooper if I made a wrong turn. Last I heard, I was driving in America.

I took my ticket like a man... got my pizza, and came back through the road block, unbuckled. I was hoping he would ticket me again, so I could go back to my house, turn around, and drive through again. I was going to do that all night long til they got tired of me and arrested me, but they wouldn't play my game. They let me through.

So, I meandered into the garage, found me a nice 2 foot by 4 foot piece of masonite with one side finished white, and a can of red spray paint. I made me a little sign warning motorists of the upcoming seat belt check, and put it out by the road. I was kinda hoping that a passing trooper would see it and take offense and demand that I remove it. I live between the troop barracks and the road block) One did pass by it reeeeeeal slow, and looked at me in my garage working on my scooter. He didn't stop though. I guess I looked like I meant to keep it there. I did. And I was going to jail before I took it down.

That's about the only way I can see fixing this problem we have without resorting to all out armed revolt. Voting doesn't cut it. Neither does protesting. Been there, done that. We are already experiencing well beyond the tyranny that caused the first revolution. Heaven only knows what will trigger the 2nd, but it won't be pretty. We better start it now, peacefully, through disobedience, if we hope to avert another war for independence.

And that's all I got to say. :) Jim aka Critter The 2nd Amendment is the reset button on The Constitution (and the only reason we still have a 1st amendment)