Imported Parts
By CrazyJ

ahhh I hate to even starting to talk about this subject it gets me kicked out of many biker bars (also starts fights) before I can even finish my beer.

Not sure what this will do online...LOL

Here it goes........some of the parts on newer HD's are foreign (some Jappanese some designing even German)

  • On the EVO's I believe the heads are japanese.
  • During harley's AMF years many of the carbs put on the bikes were Jappanese.
  • On the 88 TC there I am sure more foreign parts.
  • The V-Rod (revolution) well just look at even look european.(it was designed by people working for porche).

    I even bought some chrome covers from the Harley Davidson shop the other day....."Live to Ride, Ride to Live" with the eagle and Harley Davidson banner on it. ( talking about making of statement of be american made on the outside) (national bird) Looked down on the label on the package and the covers were made in Korea.

    Do I believe performance and durability will suffer? .....

    I wish all the parts were american because I know that the US is losing out on jobs. I also wish the parts were american because HD has preached many times in marketing that HD is an american made bike. I can only guess why harley put jap parts on their bikes.

    (these are only guesses)

  • a. cheaper labor (do not have to pay for health insurance or wages for additional workers) b. greed
  • c. needed to save money to survive as a company.
  • d. need to pay off shareholders.

    I guess if having foreign or jap parts on a Harley bothers you so bad you can ride you should go part by part and change them out for american parts many kit bike and aftermarket part companies still have a selection of american parts that would work on a HD bike.. however it may not say HD on it.

    I have bros and sis that ride jap bikes, polaris, triumph, indian, bultaco's, HD's and some names I can't even pronounce. It's all personal prefference....I use to ride a 81 sporty now I am riding TC 88 (Dyna Sport).


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