An American Opinion
By CcRiderr

There comes a time when the silent 77% majority needs to step forward and make their voices heard and in this way drown out the squeaky wheel minority.

I have grown so weary of seeing the anti war protestors every time I turn on the television set. While the very freedom that is the basis of our country gives them the right to express their views, there is a point when solidarity of the american people is that which is required. Standing shoulder to shoulder in support of our country and our American sons and daughters who are fighting on foreign soil for a cause they know is right. It Angers me when I see these protestors creating situations that require emergency personnel to leave their important duties to deal with them.

To these people I would suggest that if you are in truth so disgusted with this great country of ours, then perhaps you should look into relocating. I am sure there are many third world countries who would gladly accept homesteaders. Or perhaps better purpose would be served of your resolve to man the human shield lines that Saddam is placing in front of his troops and weapons. Then perhaps you could witness first hand the atrocities the Iraqi people are subjected to and better understand what this war is all about. While in our great country you have the right to say what you wish, I think if there was a requirement to satisfy a moral right, each person who wishes to protest this war should be required to travel to New York City and find a daughter who has been fatherless since September 11th. Explain to this child how the war is wrong because a mad man half way around the world cannot threaten us here in America!

The hair on the nape of my neck bristles each time I hear one of these protesters try to whitewash their views by saying "We are against the war ~but~ we support our troops" These people could not more effectively demoralize our troops if they had received their training to do so in an Alcadia training camp.

People let me explain to you, you do not support our American sons and daughters by their seeing you marching in the street denouncing the actions they are taking and believe in. The message you are sending them is that there is something inherently wrong in what they are doing. Even worse in my opinion are these Pampered celebrities with their mansions and million dollar bank accounts that somehow feel this qualifies them as experts on world affairs and use their celebrity status to spew forth their views.

These people need to remember that they are living in this fantasy world of glitz and glamour only because we the American people have patronized their movies. And we will remember those that turn their backs to our country in this time.

America did not obtain the freedoms we enjoy by backing down from aggressors, nor by trying to settle conflicts with those who wish us harm by trying to give them a big ole hug. Hard fought battles and the blood of our fellow countrymen acquired freedom. To those who are too cowardly or unwilling to defend it in the same way I say you are a disgrace to those that have given everything to bring you the freedoms you have.

We would welcome the protestors here in the heart of the country, the Midwest.

Come & lie down in our roadways while we're on our way to work & you will find you are no longer classified as protestors, you will now be considered "speed bumps"

Perhaps if that sweet guy Saddam hears what you have done, he'll even award you martyrdom, as he is the death squad Iraqis who are killing our children. Some of us haven't forgotten 9/11, some of us never will!