By Cap'n Bill

Hi there!
Nice site, keep up the good work! just wanted to say that, if in the Memphis area be careful of who does the work that you cannot.
I had my engine completely redone(?????) by Wild Dog of Ashland, MS. and maybe got 30k miles on it. I had my wrist pin bushings reamed(??????) at Country Cycles of Como, MS. I'm still dealing with that problem.
Anyway, who can you trust? The fight goes on!!!!!! Shovelheads rule-apehangers and jockeyshifts and S&S carbs and drags!!!
Yeah, we have a growing number of them rich folks up here, and they sure OWN some mighty purty motisicles. as a rule, I head for the countryside, while it's still available. ya'll bee kool.

Cap'n Bill ftw


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