By bikerchik

Brother hood is often thrown around very loosely in reference to bikers.I do not see or feel a brotherhood among ALL of the motorcyclist's I see. People who ride motorcycles share a common interest in the hobby of motorcycles. You are not a brother because you ride.

There was a time in the early part of my riding that I also threw that word around loosely because when I went to a rally or a party I knew most of the people there and received hugs and well wishes from most of them. They seemed to have a great interest in my well being. I felt warm and loved and included in this great biker brotherhood.

Then came a time when I was terribly hurt on my bike. It was wrecked and so was I. All of my "brothers" assumed that another "brother" was at my house helping me out. They were not and I healed alone. The shop that held my bike, fixed it.

I have been involved in MRO's for several years and watched events organized and run by most often the same persons year after year. When help and volunteers are needed..backs are turned and the invisible brotherhood disappears until it is time to attend the event and have a good time and all those hugs and good wishes return.

I have seen and heard of motorcyclist In need of help... where they came from or what they rode or how new their leathers were determined how much of this great brotherhood was extended to them.

But this all seems negative and surely there are persons who ride bikes who do care?? well of course there is.. These are the people who will come to a hospital to see a fallen biker..bring them food their kids to school...tow their bike.. wrench it back together..and help raise moneys for a MRO.

I do not see these people as my brothers. Even if at the times I needed them they were there to help me. I see see them as kind helpful people or perhaps dear friends who care for me, who just happen to share a common interest in motorcycles. I cannot fool my self into thinking there is some invisible rule or law that say's if they ride they are a brother.. I'd rather depend on someone I knew was my friend.

I support and help my friends in time of need. I help strangers in their time of need. I support MRO's because I care about my rights. I volunteer for duties for events because I know my support helps me have a good time.

I realized in my short time with a "patch" club (which was a very newly formed  club) that many of the persons involved considered themselves brothers and did many of the things they did because it was expected of them.I realize many of the brotherhood type things we did were because we wanted to do them and felt deeply about them. I did those things because those persons were my friends. I do not want to believe in a brotherhood that is supposed to exist because we share a common interest. I want to trust in a friend and be one.


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