By Bambam

You know the whole brotherhood issue has been knocked around so much lately Its really causing me some concern .All I can say Is Up here in my home town at least and with my peer group The term brother is one that is earned .I have herd it thrown around all over the place and IM really sick of hearing some dude I barely know calling me brother .....As a friend of mine once said "I AINT YOUR FUCKING BROTHER" .

A brother is one who has "paid his dues" Not nessacerily a gray bierd but one who bears the marks who has stood up to the test . You see a brother is one who is there in the good times as well as the bad one who will shovel shit and help baby sit your kids when you cant be there . I have brothers who I have barely met and know they measure up ...I only hope I can measure up to there standards

You see I don't take well to people and I have found alot of us (bikers) feel the same way well maybe its a case of being fucked over as kids or in the case of women they (or at least a lot of em ) have been abused physically or emotionally . I have always been a Loner and see that attribute in alot of my fellow bikers when really we have just built walls to stop the "citizens the suits the people who have fucked us over all our lives from to getting us" And when we realize we are among our own kind we relax and take the walls down and it could explain why we can build such close bonds. You see if you are going to call me brother you better make shure your hand is not in my pocket or I will fuck you up .I have been called brother far too often buy undeserving assholes .

Brotherhood cannot be bought or sold its a feeling knowing you would give what ever it takes for the other human being . I felt Brotherhood at OZ this year with some men and women I barely knew . Brother hood is basically putting someone else's well-being over your own .And further more if something happens whether right or wrong you will back up that person one hundred percent and settle it later when no one is around one on one . Its being ready willing and able to "take one for the team" .

In closing my brothers KNOW who they are friends KNOW who they are... There is a difference.


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