Just my point of view. Our forefathers came to this country to be free. Remember the life liberty and pursuit of happiness part of the Constitution. Why does it only apply, except when its for are own good. I don't need another mother,the one I have is just fine.And she don't like being told what to do either. We all have one life to live,and in case you have't noticed there are't any of us getting out alive. Helmet laws not only suck,they infringe on my rights of life(its mine and I'll live it as I choose,without a helmet) liberty (being free to make my own mind as to what is OR is not good for me)and the persuit of happiness(RIDING FREE without somebody else's opinion, of what they perceive as safe).

I really believe that if all the people that say they are trying to get support to get congress to repeal the helmet law. Would spend that money they raise to payoff people that are dragging there feet. To bring a class action law suit against all the states that have helmet laws in federal court. On the grounds that it infringes on our constitutional rights, it would be money better spent. Think about this,they say are diet has a lot to do with heart problems, and cancer,and a lot of other health problems. Just how long do you think it will be before the know it all's start passing laws as to what you can or cannot eat,or sell to eat. If you don't think that there taking your right away one at a time,just try to smoke in some places. I don't remember back when they tried to keep We the People from drinking,but that didn't work either. So why is this taking so long!!!!

Well I'm off the soap box,remember its just not the free country it supposed too or used to be!

Joe Anderson AKA Magic Man

A member of a dying breed


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