True Biker's Harley


What ever happened to the "true biker's Harley"? By this I mean the Joe Lunchbucket that works hard during the day for some cash to put in his bike, to make it stand out either in looks or performance than the other guys. The TRUE BIKER is the guy that does his OWN work on his OWN sled, sure, he may get in a little over his head at times, but that is when he calls in a couple of bro's to help out as a last ditch effort only.

Any more all ya can find is the hi-tech CRAP no simplicity or heart put into the ride. It appears to be a matter of bolt on all this crap and I will pick it up on Friday for the weekend so I can trailer it to within 50 miles of the run and ride it from there. The REAL bikes of days gone by were the Pan's, the Knuck's, the Shuv's and yes even the Sporties, none of this bolt on clone crap of today. All were hand crafted symbol's of individual taste and abilities. Yeah, I ride a Sporty, and yeah it is an Evo at that, not by choice, but by circumstance, BUT there is not another like it round here, due to the HEART that was and is being put into it, and no it does not have the clone crap bolted all over it to copy others. It has the Blood, Sweat, and Soul of Individuality. An art form I am sorry to say, that seem's to of disappeared.


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